Of all the many locally owned business we're lucky to have in Berkshire County, one of my favorites is Carr Hardware. The Pittsfield location in my go to, another reason I love downtown. As a new first time homeowner I've become a regular there, even taking advantage of their rental services, and the staff continually goes above and beyond to help me! Apparently, I'm not the only one to notice how great Carr Hardware is.

According to iBerkshires.com, Carr Hardware is the ONLY Massachusetts business to make it to the quarterfinals of the Independent We Stand Small Business of The Year Award.  If Carr's is declared the winner, the will receive a $5000 prize which the local company plans on putting right back into the community. Officials at Carr Hardware have to committed their possible winnings towards the installation of a Splash Pad at Clapp Park on the west side of Pittsfield. If anyone has seen the splash pad at the recently renovated Common on First Street, you've noticed what a great addition it has been. Bravo to you, Carr Hardware!

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It would be a great edition to the process of revamping another outdoor space for the children and families of the city to enjoy.  Don't forget, Carr Hardware needs to win for this to come to fruition, so let's help them out! You can VOTE, once a day, and voting ends Sunday December 10th! Let's make this happen!

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