It seems like every week a new scam makes its way into our lives keeping us on our toes and today is no different. There's a new text phishing scam going around in the Bay State along with other states and the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) wants you to be aware and well informed.

How Does the Scam Work?

A big tip off is that the scam reportedly involves customers receiving text messages, claiming to be from the “DMV,” that direct them to click on a provided link to update their personal identifying contact information. Nobody likes receiving unwarranted communication from the DMV. It causes confusion and may take you out of your normal frame of mind causing you to react in a way that you normally wouldn't.

Customers can identify this type of text as a phishing scam because it includes “DMV.” Massachusetts uses the abbreviation “RMV.” Any text using the phrase “Department of Motor Vehicles” or “DMV” should be deleted.

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How Can I Tell if Communication from the RMV is Legitimate?

It's actually pretty simple. The RMV does not send unsolicited requests for personal and/or contact information to customers by text. They aren't out there to cause you anxiety and/or stress which means that any communication by text from the RMV would be as a result of a customer-initiated request or transaction. So there you go, you have to make the first move in the line of communication to the RMV.

Have you heard about this scam? Has it happened to you and if so how did you handle it?

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