A co-worker had shared with me Kyle Maynard's facebook video post telling what had just happened to him an hour previous. Hearing seven gunshots early Friday morning (Nov. 9) outside of his Columbus Ave. home in Pittsfield, then a curdling cry for help, Maynard had to decide whether or not to run toward potential danger.

Remembering what his first responder stepfather, RJ, had instilled in him, Kyle rushed to help the victim who was lying in the street bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds.

With some assistance from his friend Walter, Kyle assured the victim he was going to be OK and to remain calm after the teenager had asked Maynard, "am I gonna die?"

Slater and Marjo had a chance to talk with Maynard on Wednesday morning for about seven minutes while he relived what happened. At the request of Live 95.9 and to avoid any accusation of sensationalizing a truly terrible situation, Kyle omits gory details in his recount.

Listen below.


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