At-Large Councilor Earl Persip III has decided to seek a third term with the Pittsfield City Council. Persip was first elected to the council in 2017, and started serving in January of 2018.

Slater: What made you decide to run again?

Persip: I believe Pittsfield continues to head in the right direction, and I want to continue to be a part of the council and help with decision-making to keep it moving forward.

Slater: Being a Ward 4 city resident and with Chris Connell not seeking re-election why don't you run in Ward 4?

Persip: I have been an at-large councilor and I like that I can help ALL residents and can focus on the city overall

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Slater: What has been the most challenging part of being a councilor during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Persip: Not being able to see residents in person and talk about their issues face to face. On the positive side of that, I was able to vote for funding for small businesses for pandemic relief.

Slater: What is the biggest challenge the city faces in 2021?

Persip: By far, the recovery from the pandemic. It's gonna be finding out the result of students not being in school, and businesses closing or being able to stay open after struggling for so long.

Slater: What is your day job?

Persip: I am the facilities director for The Mount in Lenox.

Slater: In the time since you were first elected, you have become a father. How has that influenced you as an elected official?

Persip: It has made me focus more on youth issues and schooling.

Slater: Would you say you have a good relationship with Mayor Tyer?

Persip: I would say I have a good working relationship with Mayor Tyer and all of the councilors.

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