With summer fading fast it’s the start of County Fair season in New England. There are plenty of fairs within driving distance of the Berkshires. From the Big E in West Springfield to the 3 County Fair in Northampton, fair season is underway with events happening this holiday weekend through the end of October.

County Fairs are much more that eating, and going on carnival rides. A County Fair gives both young and old the opportunity to learn about agriculture and the animals that work the farm and that are such a vital part of New England farm life. Below is a list of Fairs happening in Massachusetts so you can plan your huge drumstick eating, pumpkin picking, animal petting schedule.

Massachusetts County Fair Schedule (with links)

September 3rd-6th
3 County Fair in Northampton Mass put on by the Hampshire, Franklin and Hampden Agricultural Society. The Fair is held at The Grounds in Northampton.

Spencer Fair in Spencer Mass at the Spencer Fairgrounds

September 4th-6th
East Middleboro 4-H held at the East Middleboro 4-H fairgrounds

September 9th-12th
The 172nd Franklin County Fair held at the Franklin County Fairgrounds in Greenfield Mass

September 11th
Sheffield Fair in Sheffield Mass

September 17th-October 3rd
The Big E at the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield Mass

September 24th-26th
The Belchertown Fair at the Town Common in Belchertown Mass

Upton Grange Fair at the Upton VFW Post 5594 in Upton Mass

October 1st-11th
Topsfield Fair at the Topsfield Fairgrounds in Topsfield Mass

October 2nd-3rd
Nantucket Island Fair at the Tom Nevers Fairgrounds in Nantucket

October 15th-17th
Westport Fair in Westfield Mass

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