Move over chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry…it turns out coffee is the most popular flavor of ice cream in Massachusetts!  This is according to a survey done by Instacart, which more people ordered COFFEE ICE CREAM than any other flavor.  It’s also my wife’s favorite flavor, so I’m not too surprised by this.

Is it your favorite?  I can’t say it’s mine, I’m not a big fan of coffee ice cream.  My tastes tend to run a bit more…eclectic.  I enjoy everything from pistachio to cherry to coconut, and there are times where I love the traditional chocolate/vanilla swirl.  But no coffee ice cream for me.  Of course, if I’m eating out, all ice cream has to come with sprinkles on top.

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I’m also a fan of ice cream in a dish, and not in a cone.  Why?  Because I’m a messy eater and it’s super embarrassing.  That said, when I DO have an ice cream cone, a good sugar cone is the way to go!

Homemade Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

How about you?  What’s your preferred ice cream flavor and style?  Or, are you a soulless monster who doesn’t like ice cream?  (Just kidding…sort of)

And, since we’re heading into warmer weather, ice cream shops are starting to re-open!  There are great ice cream shops all over Berkshire County, but since I live in Adams I figured I’d give a shout out to some shops more in my neck of the woods:

The Rainbow Shack:  It’s the place to go for ice cream in Adams.  They have everything from hard ice cream, soft serve, milkshakes, blizzards, hot fudge sundaes…you name it.  My wife and I go here often, and there’s almost always a line.  They just re-opened for the season!  The Rainbow Shack | Facebook

Triple Scoop:  Located in the Oasis Plaza in North Adams, this is another local favorite that’s been around since 2015.  They have a large selection of hard and soft serve, frozen yogurt, sherbert, floats, milk shakes and more.  Family owned and a great place, check them out…also just re-opened for the season!  Triple Scoop | Facebook

K’s Creamery:  They’re juuust over the border in Stamford, Vermont, and worth the short drive.  K’s Creamery is a small donut / ice cream shop.  Homemade, tons of flavors, hard and soft serve, and lots of delicious combinations you can try with their donuts!  They’re not quite open for the season as of this writing (4/22/22), but keep an eye out for updates on their Facebook page, and take a trip up when they open for the season!  K's Creamery | Facebook

What places do you recommend for ice cream here in Berkshire County?  Let us know in the comments!

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