I decided to go for a run in The Pittsfield State Forest over the weekend. I do remember, however, back in the day, the booth at the park's entrance was manned by a ranger of some sort and they would ask you what your purpose what at the park and then either charge you to park or just let you in if you were doing a "loop".

I haven't seen an actual human in that booth for some time now. This weekend, though, I noticed a car stopped at the entrance and appeared to be feeding a parking kiosk his money. When did this happen? I have never seen a kiosk there before!

I did consider just circling past him and parking at the main entrance, but I didn't want to be THAT guy. I assumed that, much like within the city limits of Pittsfield, you had to punch in your plate number, get the first half hour for free, then purchase additional time if need be, but this was just a $5.00 flat rate.


This sprawling, 11,000-acre forest includes Berry Pond and 30 miles of trails. Whether hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, or exploring the mountain range to Berry Pond, you're sure to find the perfect outdoor adventure. -mass.gov

The Good News Is Paid Parking Is Only Temporary!

After doing some research, I did find that the $5.00 fee, if you actually pay it, (they threaten to tow), is only from May 14 - Labor Day (Sept. 5)!

FYI, Non-MA residents have to pay $20!


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