This is one of those stories that hit you right in the feels.

A young girl in Colorado was all excited for her 7th birthday party, which was a princess party she had been envisioning for several months.

As the moment arrived to kick off the festivities, nobody showed up. She was devastated, and as a parent of a young child myself, I thought to myself, "What do you say in that situation?" It just breaks your heart.

Luckily, in a world full of negativity, a Disney princess playing the role of Elsa from the movie "Frozen" saved the day. Check out the video below, courtesy of KDVR via Western Mass News.

The woman's name who saved the day was Lindsay Robert who made the most out of a very sad situation. Not only did she make a big impact at the young girl's birthday party, but she took to Facebook to share to share the heartbreaking story.

"It was soul crushing," she wrote. "This shy and soft-spoken girl had put on her best dress and waited. And waited. We played games, sung songs, told stories, picked out little prizes (I gave her my lipstick. I would have given her the wig off my head if I could have)."

The post was shared over 200 times, which has the community setting up a special birthday surprise for the little girl, according to KDVR.

This is just amazing stuff and it shows the impact of community. If someone, especially a child is down, don't ignore it. Try to make a difference. We here at Live 95.9 would be thrilled to lend a helping hand in these types of situations. Kudos to this woman for turning this little girl's day around.


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