Memes of the U.S. senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, were EVERYWHERE following the inauguration of Joe Biden on Wednesday.

Now, I get it, Joe and Bernie are both democratic old white men with white hair; however, one was just sworn in as president, and the other one WASN'T.

Marketing consultant for Live 95.9 Katie Smegal, who also runs Bianco's Limousine, thought it would be cute to insert the Bernie Sanders photo via the app onto her party bus.

Harmless, right? Wrong.

Katie made one little mistake. The caption. She referred to Sanders as the President, and that's fine, but when Slater and Marjo make fun of you on the air, you can't get mad.

Listen below.



Katie immediately fixed her facebook post once she was shamed on Live 95.9.


Earlier in the week Marjo confused Garth Brooks for Billy Ray Cyrus and Slater thinks Tim Meadows and Don Cheadle look alike, (they absolutely do), so I guess we all goof up?

But, Katie. You should KNOW who the president is. I mean Joe Biden got the most votes EVER in an election!


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