What's up with these long and winding tubes along roads and streets in Massachusetts? If you're a runner or walker, you've definitely noticed these things. They are usually green or light brownish in color and you'll probably see them in close proximity to construction zones.

What Are These Strange Tubes Along Roads In Massachusetts?


My curiosity is never ending so I literally pulled over on the side of the road to get a better look at these things. It was like a weaved plastic mesh or twine like material tube filled with wood chips.

They're called Compost Filter Socks

These things are laid down in order to hard border and to protect certain environmental situations close to road work or construction.


What is a Compost Filter Sock?

A compost filter sock is a type of contained compost filter berm. The filter sock is typically a mesh tube filled with composted material that is placed perpendicular to the direction of sheet flow to control erosion and retain sediment in disturbed areas. -epa.gov

The Benefits

  • Reduces storm water runoff velocity so that sediments can settle and be trapped
  • Filters sediments out of storm water, reducing runoff of sediments and heavy metals
  • Very cost effective per volume of runoff treated
  • Adsorbs contaminants, including oil and gasoline
  • Acts as barrier against development of erosion rills and gullies

They control sediment by slowing water flow. They also filter run off, so you'll also see these tubes around regular drains and city storm drains as well.


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