Anonymous Minecraft YouTuber Dream will finally reveal his face and identity to fans after more than eight years of hiding behind the camera.

"My next upload will be me face revealing," he wrote via a YouTube post in September, teasing the upcoming face reveal.

"The mask is coming off, and George [his frequent collaborator] is finally moving to Florida with the Dream Team! Then back to some epic Minecraft… (plus Minecraft manhunt in real life soon?!) so many awesome things to come. super nervous but also incredibly excited for the future! I can’t wait to start meeting you guys in person," he continued.

#DreamFaceReveal began trending on Twitter shortly after his announcement.

Dream Face Reveal Explained (#DreamFaceReveal)

Boasting over 30 million subscribers, Dream is one of the most viral Minecraft YouTubers.

While the majority of video game streamers utilize face cams, Dream does not. He wears a mask if he is being filmed.

Leading up to Dream's face reveal, the YouTuber video chatted with various influencers and content creators, privately giving them a first look at what he looks like.

These influencers, including Addison Rae, shared videos of them reacting to seeing Dream's face for the very first time using the hashtag #DreamFaceReveal.

See some reactions below:

Who Is Dream on YouTube?

Dream is a YouTube gamer and streamer who plays Minecraft.

Not much is known about Dream's personal life or identity.

In 2021, Dream revealed his first name is Clay and that he lives in Orlando, Fla. According to reports, he was born on Aug. 12, 1999.

He has also spoken publicly about his ADHD diagnosis. On Feb. 4, 2021, Dream debuted his first single, "Roadtrip."

Why Does Dream Cover His Face?

In a since-deleted Snapchat Q&A, Dream explained the reasoning behind his anonymity.

"I'm not the most secure person," he shared, adding that he's not insecure but rather simply not comfortable being on camera. At the time, Dream said he believed face cams are "awkward."

What Does Dream Look Like?

The YouTuber confirmed he plans to upload a video of his public face reveal to YouTube on Oct. 2.

A few hours later, he posted his first public selfie to Twitter. See below:

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