Massachusetts families are getting sick as of late and it's not always COVID-19 that is the culprit. I can relate to this as I very rarely get sick. However, this past September I got nailed pretty hard. I had a stuffy nose, runny nose, head congestion, sore throat, bad cough, and daily headaches. You name it I had. Then, of course, my wife caught it as well as my daughter. The sickness lasted from early September through the middle of the month. It was a long stretch for us but we're feeling better now.

So, Did We Have COVID? 

My wife and thought for sure that we had covid which would have been a first for us. We tested a couple of times, and to our surprise, we tested negative for COVID-19 each time. This is something I have been hearing more and more of lately. Families and kids are getting sick with a knockout type cold but the sickness isn't COVID-19. I knew a few other folks in Berkshire County that went through the same experience but they tested negative for COVID-19 as well.

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What are Massachusetts Families Getting Sick From? 

As you'll see in the video below with Dr. Vandana Madhavan, there are other viruses making their way around Massachusetts early this season. Madhavan mentions that adenovirus, and rhinovirus (factors behind the common cold) are making an early appearance this season. Make sure you're staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, eating well, doing your best to keep away from sick people, and making an appointment to get your flu shot if you haven't done so already. Stay healthy and check out the video for complete details.

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