What's up with global insect populations these days, Berkshire County? Many are on the decline. Trust me, I'm not a fan of creepy crawlies, but we need them for the benefit of Mother Earth.

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Still, other insect populations seem to be on the rise. And soon, according to entomology (that's the study of insects) experts, the Commonwealth could be overrun by a certain irritating pest.

Zachary Smith, better known to many as the Pest Dude, is a licensed pest control professional. Zachary says that there is a considerable risk that the insects that have been causing such turmoil in Paris, France recently could be a growing problem for the Bay State.

What pest am I talking about? The Bed Bug. Some people may laugh it off, foolishly thinking that bed bugs are no big deal. Granted, bed bugs do NOT transmit diseases but they are parasites.

The fact that bed bugs are parasites means that they live off of blood. YOUR blood. MY blood. EVERYONE'S blood. That can lead to definite discomfort courtesy of itchy bug bites and not getting a full night's rest.

For the most part, bed bugs tend to inhabit the domains where people sleep such as bedrooms, hotels, college dorms, etc. However, bed bugs can be ANYWHERE. That includes cars, planes, trains, and other modes of transportation.

Another irritating thing about bed bugs is that they can hang around forever. They can last quite a long time, sometimes months, between feedings. If you think you have a bed bug problem or you would like to know the warning signs, consult with a local pest professional.

For more, visit the Pest Dude's website here so you can be prepared.

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