Having ice cream in the house is an absolute must. With two children 8 and 5, the begging for the creamy, sugary treat never stops, notably after dinner.

Neapolitan seems to be the favorite in our house at the moment, with Cookies and Cream being a close second. My mother was a pistachio fan. Really, ma?

One of my earliest memories of a birthday party as a kid has these little wax paper cups with a wooden spoon all through it. The memory, that is.

Yes, I'm Talking About Hoodsies!

"It's a shame they got rid of the wooden spoons". Was it really though? I fell like it gave your tongue a small splinter. Just fold the top in half after you peel it back and use it as a scooper.

Boasting 3 fluid ounces of ice cream, one was never enough, but they made for great party treats.

From 4th of July picnics to birthday parties, Hoodsie Cups are an iconic symbol of New England. With chocolate flavored ice cream on one side and vanilla on the other, these single serve cups remain the perfect treat for kids and parents alike since 1947. -hood.com

This Is Actually Me From 1981 With A Hoodsie!


Founded in 1846 in Charlestown, MA, Hood eventually moved to and is still based out of Lynnfield, MA.

Hoodsies give you both of the best flavors, Vanilla and Chocolate all in one 100 calorie cup, apparently they have Hoodsie "Sundae Cups" as well...

Unique to New England and some parts of New York, fans of the beloved mini cup of ice cream long for it if they grew up around here and then moved away.

HP Hood sells eight packs of Hoodsies.

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