It's the 4th of July weekend, and the fireworks are here!  Actually, if you live in Pittsfield the fireworks have probably been around for at least a month by now but I digress…

While the 4th of July may be a fun celebration for you, your pets might not feel that way!

After all, they don’t know we’re celebrating our nation’s birthday.  They just hear lots of loud noises and see bright lights in the sky, and naturally many pets get scared.  There’s a reason more pets are lost and go missing on the 4th of July than any other weekend, both here in Massachusetts and throughout the country.

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Personally speaking, I’m pretty lucky because neither of my dogs get particularly spooked about fireworks.  In fact, one my dogs likes to go outside and actually look up at the fireworks.  The other dog isn’t a huge fan, but also doesn’t go crazy and try to escape.

Many people aren’t that lucky, so what are some things you can do to help your pet during the 4th?

-Bring them inside.  Yeah, it really is as simple as that.  Don’t leave your pets outside.

-Give them exercise.  It’s a good idea to give them exercise, or maybe take them on an extra long walk that day or evening.  Basically, tire them out as much as you can to get out any extra energy.

-Play white noise.  I do this when I sleep, and you can do this for your pet.  Put them in a secure room, turn on the AC, and play some white noise.  It might not drown out the sound completely, but it will help.

-Pet them!  Sometimes, just sitting with your dog or cat and giving them pets will be enough to get them through the fireworks.

And remember…your pet can sense when you’re frightened or anxious.  So be confident, use those tips, and hopefully both you and your pet can enjoy…or at least safely get through…the 4th of July!

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