Let me start by saying, I don't cook, nor craft, but I have a strange obsession (seriously, it's becoming a problem) with watching cool cooking and crafting videos that I will never make myself. Usually I just tag friends and say "Hey when you make this, can you invite me over?"

So basically that's what I've got for you guys today, a list of five cool treats and crafts for you to attempt when you barricaded inside for what looks like the next week full or arctic temps here in The Berkshires. Try them out and let us know what you think!

  • 1

    Wine Gummy Bears

    Yes, this is real and I'm dying to try them. Wine Gummy Bears can be made with an type of wine, I'm thinking Prosecco or Lambrusco would be awesome! I had all you parents stuck inside with school vacation cabin fever kids in mind for this one, or these would make an very cool New Years Eve treat. Think Champagne!

  • 2

    Video Thank You Cards

    You're probably fortunate enough to be looking at a nice pile of gifts from the holidays, so if you're hibernating for the next few weeks, why not knock out those thank you cards now. But then I thought, Thank You cards are soooo boring. You know what's not boring? Making hilarious short video clips of you and/or your families thanking people for presents and emailing them! Very 2017. Far away friends and relatives who don't get to see you that often will love it, you could really get into it, thinking costumes people! Get Creative!

  • 3

    Cinnamon Bun Apple Pie

    Shut the front door!  Cinnamon Swirl Apple Pie!  Are you kidding me with this thing? I can only imagine how good the house (yours, not mine) will smell with this bad boy in the oven. BONUS, the extra heat from your oven won't hurt anyone. They've basically combined two of the best treats around. If anyone attempts this, we'd be happy to help you out, feel free to drop some off at 211 Jason Street in Pittsfield. It seems like a recipe that's fun and simple enough for kids to help out as well.

  • 4

    Painting (Wine!) Glasses

    So yes, you caught me, two of my five projects are wine related, but we're talking about being stuck inside people! Come on now. You're going to have wine on the brain. Plus this can just as easily be done with regular glasses as well. When I stumbled across these Painted Glass Ideas on Pinterest, they were to good to just scroll by. Get a jump on some birthday or even Valentine's Day gifts!

  • 5

    Five Ingredient Treats

    All of these Five Ingredient Treats look amazing, and more important simple A.F. If you're looking to avoid having to run to the store, the less ingredients the better right? Many of these are no bake as well, which means you can make a bunch of different batches, with out having to wait for prime oven time.

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