If my son Liam wasn't playing Lanesborough Youth Football this year, I may not have heard about this story.
Is this just not the most maddening thing when people do this? Incredibly lame.
On Wednesday of last week, an unknown party had driven on the field to purposely wreck the grass.
The following is a Facebook post from Lanesborough Police Chief Rob Derksen
As some of you may be aware the football field at William E. Laston Memorial Park was vandalized on the Wednesday evening last week.
The field was damaged after a vehicle drove around the field with the sole purpose of ruining the field. This is the second time this has occurred in the last few weeks. After the first occurrence, we were able to develop a suspect vehicle, which appears to be a darker colored four door sedan, with at least two occupants.
As a result of poor lighting in the area, this is the only suspect vehicle information we have at this time. The Lanesborough Police Department will continue to exhaust all resources in order to find those responsible.
If anyone has any information regarding this damage to Laston Park, please call the Lanesborough Police Department, at 413-443-4107. Any information may help, and can remain confidential.
Thank you to all those, who have rallied in an effort to repair the damage.
-Chief Derksen
Derksen will join Slater & Marjo on Thursday morning to discuss any development on the situation.

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