The Office of Pittsfield Mayor Linda Tyer made the announcement this afternoon that there are four confirmed cases of COVID-19 at the United States Postal Office Location at 212 Fenn Street. The City’s Contact Tracing Team and the Health Department have been notified of four lab-confirmed cases of novel coronavirus in employees at the post office branch with exposure dates of Sept. 28th to the present.  

The Postal Office has not been very helpful...


Our local contact tracing team and Health department have made many attempts to work with this organization, USPS location 212 Fenn St., to identify those who have had close contact with the cases. We have been unsuccessful due to the lack of cooperation and information from the United States Postal Office. ~ Mayor Tyers Office 


The Health Department believes it is necessary to notify the public due to the lack of cooperation by the post office branch. The release says that the risk of exposure from individuals present at the post office on these dates is no greater than the risk of contracting the virus in the general community. The department however feels that is important to make the community aware that the location is not providing requested information to the city’s contact tracing team.  

Officials say this lack of cooperation poses a risk to the community...


The lack of cooperation and information poses a risk to the community. Collaboration between workplaces and the city’s contact tracing team is crucial in slowing transmission. We understand that this may create unease in our community. Please know that we have been working closely with the Massachusetts Department of Health, and the Health Department and contact tracing team will continue to seek cooperation from the post office, as it is our duty in preventing the spread of COVID-19. This notice is to make the public aware to use all the CDC recommended guidance when visiting the post office and interacting with the employees. ~ Mayors Office Press Release 

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