Thanksgiving will be here soon and though it can be a joyous time to get together with family and friends for the big feast it's also an expense. With the way food inflation has been lately, having to purchase the food and ingredients for the annual Thanksgiving Day dinner could lead to some stress.

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There is a Way Massachusetts Folks Can Get a Thanksgiving Turkey This Year for Free

There is some good news when it comes to this year's Thanksgiving meal. BJ's Wholesale Club is thanking its members with free turkeys. According to BJ's, the way the program works is now through November 9, members of BJ's will be eligible to receive a digital coupon for a free fresh or frozen Butterball whole turkey when they spend $150 in the same transaction, in-club or online. The website states that the free turkey coupon will appear in members' digital coupon gallery beginning November 11, and must be redeemed by November 22, 2023, while supplies last. You can get more information on how to qualify for the free turkey by going here.

If you are already a BJ's member, you'll probably be doing the bulk of your shopping at the Wholesale Club anyway so it probably won't be a huge feat to get to the $150 total needed in the transaction to qualify for the free turkey. In addition, if you aren't a BJ's Wholesale member maybe you have a friend or family member who is, thus that person can be in charge of getting the free turkey for Thanksgiving this year. You can definitely make this work.

Massachusetts folks won't be left out of this offer as BJ's has several locations across the Bay State including Pittsfield, Greenfield, Chicopee, Auburn, Northborough, Leominster, Medford, Framingham, Dedham, Waltham, South Attleboro, Hudson, Stoneham, Stoughton, Franklin, Danvers and many more locations in Massachusetts. Plus, as mentioned earlier, you can do the shopping for this special deal online. You can find a BJ's location near you by going here.

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