Hold on to your mask and keep it handy if you're planning on being in Great Barrington public spaces for any length of time as the Board of Health has expanded its COVID-19 mask advisory. If you're going to be outside at an event or setting where a big crowd is present, you are now asked/advised to wear a mask. In addition, masks must still be worn in public buildings whether you're vaccinated or not. The expanded advisory took effect on Friday, Sept. 17.

According to a press release that was sent to WSBS from the Town of Great Barrington, the board’s advisory for outdoor masks in crowded areas was approved at the board’s Sept. 15 meeting and reflects guidance from the CDC. In the current health situation, you can never be too careful.

We have included the board's statement below:

The Board of Health recommends that the community take precautions to mitigate the risk of illness as we head into the flu, RSV, and cold season, while still in the midst of a pandemic. The CDC recommends that in areas with high numbers of COVID-19 cases, consider wearing a mask in crowded outdoor settings and for activities with close contact with other patrons. The Board of Health concurs, and highly encourages wearing masks in crowded outdoor public events, where social distancing cannot be maintained, and when attending with anyone outside of your household.

What Should I Do if I'm Planning an Event in Great Barrington? 

If you are planning an event and you expect to have a large gathering, be it indoors or outdoors, it's a good idea that you contact the Health Department and make sure you have everything covered in terms of social distancing, mask-wearing etc. Having the correct and safe procedure in place will avoid headaches and pitfalls at the event.

What Can the Public Do to Stay Safe and Healthy? 

Continuing safe measures like social distancing, wearing masks, and wiping down areas are all things you can do to stay safe and these COVID-19 prevention measures are recommended by the Board of Health.

Signage Requests for Events

If you are planning an event, you'll want to have visible signage so attendees can make sure they are following the proper health procedures. Signage templates with the town’s masking recommendations can be requested through the Great Barrington Health Department.

Additional Information

Do you have any questions? Have them ready for the next Board of Health meeting. You can find a calendar of meetings by going here.

This advisory will be reviewed routinely at the monthly Board of Health.


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