After watching the new "A Christmas Story Christmas" movie around Thanksgiving this year, I kind of have the itch to get a real Christmas tree this year. The last few years we've put up our artificial tree in the front room, which is nice, but there is just something about a real tree.


The Pros and Cons Of A Real Christmas Tree


The smell.

Improved mental health (research proven as with any living plant).



Costs money every year.

Fire risk. (if too dry).

You have to water it.

Needles all over the floor.

On a joyride with my children over the weekend, I passed a bunch of farms selling trees and I thought it would a good idea to get a real tree again. With the my kids being a little older now, I think they might appreciate a little Clark Griswold style Christmas tree adventure.

In 2022, Though, What Can Massachusetts Residents Expect To Pay For A Real Christmas Tree?

In a time where a trip to the grocery leaves even the modest of shoppers at least one hundred dollars lighter, have trees gone up?

Unfortunately, yes, they have.

I couldn't even tell you what I paid for the last tree I got probably in 2018, but I know that it's absolutely more now.

Massachusetts residents can expect to pay anywhere from $80.00 - $100.00 for a Christmas tree this year, according to

Just take a few tips from a now much older Ralphie (A Christmas Story), and bargain with the tree guy, you may save a little money! 🎄

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