On Tuesday morning's radio show, Marjo was referencing the AV Club scene in "10 Things I Hate About You" and of course made a joke about my interest in it during my high school years. I admit it, I was way into high school radio and was part of the AV club.

My fellow AV/Radio students and I weren't known as being super cool, but hey, we were into it! Out of that conversation, however, was Channel One News. Anyone else remember this besides me?

It Was Where Anderson Cooper and Lisa Ling Got Started!

Screen grab from YouTube
Screen grab from YouTube
Screen grab from YouTube
Screen grab from YouTube

Channel One was a news service that was sort of pumped into our high school via the TV, but before that, or after, I forget, was our local school announcements, hence the AV club joke. Yes, me and some others were the voices you heard.

Channel One News was an American news content provider. The daily news program was accompanied by commercial advertising for marketing in schools, with supplementary educational resources. -wikipedia.org

Anderson Cooper

Lisa Ling

Serena Altschul

Maria Menouos

Recognize any of these names? I bet you do! They all cut their teeth at Channel One News!


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