How often do you check your car for dings, dents, or scratches? I would say, daily, I give my vehicle a good walk around... our sales manager, Victoria Spencer, however, does not!

I mean, to miss a dent this big after multiple errands, is near impossible, right?


So what happened?

"I went to the liquor store and Big Y on Thursday night, then to the bank Friday morning before I noticed my car had been hit," said Spencer. "That is the side of the car that I put my dog in, so I can't believe I didn't notice it Thursday evening in my driveway. I had the liquor store send me a video of my car in the parking lot and it shows me entering and exiting the store, but nothing hitting my car, so I can eliminate that. As for Big Y, the bank, or the radio station parking lot, I don't know."

So what would you like to say to the person who hit you?

"Well, first of all, it's one thing if you don't realize it if you just gently tap something, but when you do $4900 worth of damage to a car, you obviously knew you hit something. So anyone with a half of a brain realizes everyone has a deductible, so now I have to pay $500 out of my pocket because people don't have the common sense or the courtesy to leave a note or to let me know that they did it. It was a truck that hit me according to the insurance adjuster because of how high the damage is on the door. So, now I will be without a vehicle for a week or two while it gets fixed, it's just terribly inconsiderate. This wasn't a shopping cart, this was a full-on hit and run."

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