It's that time of year when I really like to discover new horror movies to watch. Leading up to Halloween I really dive deep into the horror genre and surprisingly I can always manage to find something that I haven't seen yet. As a lifelong horror fan, I'm glad I haven't run out of new horror movie options. That's not to say that I don't love watching the classics over and over. Each year I have to pull out some of the standards like "Halloween" or "The Shining" because they are just that good. However, there are many gems out there that just don't have the notoriety as some of the classics.

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Did You Know There are Quite a Number of Spooky Films That Were Filmed in Massachusetts? 

Believe it or not, Massachusetts is home to some classics along with lesser-known spooky films. Legendary films like "Jaws" and "Hocus Pocus" were filmed in the Baystate including Martha's Vineyard and Salem respectively. Other films like "The House By The Cemetery" were filmed in Boston and Concord.

If you are looking for some spooky horror flicks to check out this Halloween season take a look at the list of movies below that were filmed in Massachusetts. Granted, you probably have seen some of these already but I'm willing to be there are at least one or two that you haven't seen that will get you in the mood for some fun thrills and chills.

Horror Movies Filmed in Massachusetts

Did you know that there are quite a few spooky movies that were filmed in Massachusetts?

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