It's no secret that health experts say sleep is just as important for your body as a proper diet and regular exercise, but how many people are actually getting the right amount of sleep? And is where they live possibly affecting it?

The CDC recommends that a healthy adult get 7 hours of sleep per night, but over 90 million Americans are not getting the proper amount.

So what about folks who live in Massachusetts? How much sleep do Bay State residents get compared to the rest of the other 49 states?

According to almost 2 million adults in Massachusetts are NOT getting a full seven hours of sleep. In fact, 1,901,900 adults to be exact are not hitting the seven-hour mark. That translates to just over 34% of Massachusetts folks 20 years and older.

What does that number mean comparatively to the rest of the United States? Massachusetts lands at number 20 for the adults who get the least amount of sleep. 20th out of 50 might not seem that great, but compared to 35.2% national average of adults who sleep less than seven-hour a night, Massachusett is doing alright.


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