When Berkshire Humane Society staffers arrived to work one morning, they were greeted by a pup who was clearly in trouble.

The night of July 2, a senior dog named Sophia was abandoned with no notice to staff. The sweet girl was discovered in one of the shelters outdoor pens and when employees arrived in the morning they found her head stuck in the gate.

Can you imagine the level of fear that Sophia felt when she was abandoned in the middle of the night in one of our outdoor pens? Can you picture how confused she must have been by her new surroundings? Sadly, because she was abandoned and not properly surrendered, we found her with her head stuck inside the pen's gate. We’ll never know how long she was stuck – I can only hope it wasn’t for very long

John Perreault, Executive Director

Berkshire Humane Society

Staff quickly jumped into action taking her inside to a comfortable, safe kennel and gave her food and water. It was clear that she was malnourished, suffering from eye and skin infections, and exhausted from her overnight ordeal.

Sophia's being treated for her infections while Berkshire Humane Society waits to see if her owner comes forward to claim her.

The Berkshire Humane Society is asking for your help in making sure Sophia gets the best care possible. If you can, please consider giving a gift to help Sophia and all the shelter animals in their care. If you're able, donations can be made here.

If you have information about Sophie, please contact the shelter at (413) 447-7878

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