I was unloading groceries out of my car on Saturday when I heard a fire truck turn onto my street and then pull around to the back of my neighbor Katie's house. I didn't see an ambulance, so I knew it wasn't something medically related. I couldn't see or smell smoke either, so I texted her.

"I just lit my backyard on fire", she replied.

Katie told us the full story on Tuesday morning's show.

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Slater: So, what happened?

Slater: After you called 911, did you attempt to extinguish the fire yourself?

Slater: What did the fire department say when they arrived?

Slater: What did you learn from this?

Some people had reached out to Slater poking fun at him for referencing Uncle Eddie's emptying of his RV's septic tank in National Lampoon's "Christmas Vacation" in regards to the fire department asking where Katie's septic tank was located...

Although methane gas is flammable, the weight of the fire apparatus over one's septic field can cause "beaching of the lawn".

The Weather Channel continues to have an "Elevated Fire Weather" advisory in effect for Berkshire County.

Another day of dry weather, low relative humidity with values ranging from 20 to 30 percent along with west wind gusts 15 to 20 mph, will result in elevated fire weather potential across Berkshire County in western Massachusetts. -weather.com


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