For the first time in over 25 years, the Dream Away Lodge, an iconic Berkshire County landmark, is for sale.

The Dream Away Lodge has been a Berkshire legend for more than 90 years. Rumored to have been a brothel and speakeasy during the great depression era, Dream Away is loved by locals and visitors alike. The two-hundred-year-old farmhouse at the edge of October Mountain State Forest is renown for its larger-than-life founders, Mamma Maria Frasca and her three musical daughters, and colorful history, rich in music and local mythology.

Part restaurant, part bar, part performance venue, the Dream Away has a rich history of notable visitors. The lodge played a prominent role in Part Two of Bob Dylan’s epic film Renaldo and Clara with a 1975 visit from Arlo Guthrie, Joan Baez, Allen Ginsberg, the Rolling Thunder Review, and Dylan. The appearance added to the already unmatched reputation of the artists' mecca as one of Berkshire County’s best-loved and most closely held hilltown secrets.

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The grounds at the Dream Away boost beautiful public gardens, a stunning forest ballroom/event space, a wildflower meditation labyrinth, an outdoor stone fire pit and amphitheater, miles of trails and ponds. Right across the street are nearly 18,000 acres of October Mountain State Forest which help keep the ground quiet and unique parties, weddings, birthdays, holidays, and special events.

The lodge was purchased by the current owner, former actor and theater maker Daniel Osman, in 1997.

The Specs: the Dream Away Lodge sits on 43.254 acres where the contents & equipment, existing business are represented by Cohen & White Asscoiates LLC based out of Lenox, MA. The structure has 3,300 + sq ft of finished space currently used as a restaurant, professional kitchen, bar, and music room with expanded use on the enclosed wrap-around porch and three half baths on the main level. There are four bedrooms on the second level and one full bath. The property is offered at $1,250,000.00.



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