Christmas will be here before you know it and folks are out and about getting that perfect Christmas tree for their homes this holiday. The Christmas tree season reminds me of an early episode of 'That '70s show' which features a Christmas tree scenario that is a no-no in Massachusetts.

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In the Season 1 episode "The Best Christmas Ever" Eric Foreman's dad (Red) gives Eric money to buy a family Christmas tree. Whatever money Eric has left over from purchasing the tree, he can use it for his Christmas party in his parent's basement. Well, Eric and his buddies end up cutting a tree down on the side of the road and taking it home so he can use all of the money Red gave him for his party. As you may expect, later in the episode, the authorities knock on the Foreman's door and confiscate the tree. Needless to say, Eric ends up in big trouble with Red.

Is it Illegal to Cut Your Own Christmas Tree in Massachusetts? 

If you wondering if Eric's method of acquiring a Christmas tree is illegal in Massachusetts, it is. However, you are not limited to buying a real Christmas tree at a Christmas Tree Farm. You can cut a tree down on your own but there are rules to this method.

What Rules Must be Followed When Cutting Your Own Christmas Tree in Massachusetts?

According to most national forests allow users to harvest trees for personal use such as firewood and Christmas trees. You must have a Forest Service-issued permit and you must follow specific guidelines. The tree you pick has to be at least 200 feet from main roads, recreation sites, and campgrounds. Stay away from areas near sides of streams, rivers, lakes, and wet areas.

There are additional guidelines, suggestions, and safety tips when it comes to cutting your own Christmas tree in Massachusetts which you can read about by going here.

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