Here's a question for you, Berkshire County: How's your credit score? New research data shows that, for the first time in over a decade, credit scores did not go up during 2022.

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Having a strong credit score is very important to many people. Having a credit score of 760 or higher means better interest rates and product offers from lenders. A strong credit score can lead to more and better financial advantages such as lower interest rates and access to more options.

Recently the personal finance experts at WalletHub analyzed the median credit scores of residents in over 2,500 cities(2,568 to be exact) and came up with 2023's Cities with the Highest and Lowest Credit Scores.

Guess what? Two cities in Massachusetts landed in the top 20 for having the highest credit scores in the entire country! I would say two cities out of 2,568 total is pretty impressive, wouldn't you?

It's an incredibly long list(obviously), so we'll just focus on a small portion. Here are, according to WalletHub's findings, 2023's Top 20 Cities(and their median credit score) with the Highest Credit Scores(there are plenty of two- and three-way ties):

  1. New Brunswick, NJ(816)
  2. The Villages, FL(806)
  3. De Pere, WI(798)
  4. Sun City West, AZ(795)
  5. Saratoga, CA(787)
  6. Estero, FL(786)
  7. Green Valley, AZ(786)
  8. Los Altos, CA(785)
  9. Mequon, WI(785)
  10. Pittsford, NY(785)
  11. Monument, CO(784)
  12. Needham, MA(783)
  13. Laguna Woods, CA(783)
  14. Leawood, KS(781)
  15. Bainbridge Island, WA(781)
  16. Chesterfield, MO(781)
  17. Muskego, WI(781)
  18. Oro Valley, AZ(781)
  19. Lexington, MA(780)
  20. San Carlos, CA(779)

And since we've come this far, here are 2023's Top 5 Cities with the Lowest Credit Scores:

  1. South Bend, IN(448)
  2. West Jordan, UT(492)
  3. Sugar Land, TX(511)
  4. McKees Rocks, PA(524)
  5. Fort Worth, TX(524)

Check out WalletHub's website here for more on the rankings, plus expert tips on increasing your credit score quickly, the best ways for a young person to build credit, and much more.

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