We've all done it, right? You're driving along and you see a police officer parked in a parking lot or just off to the side of the road looking for speeders. You immediately slow down and hope you weren't going over the speed limit when you suddenly feel the urge to warn the others who are oncoming in the opposite direction...so you flash your high beams at 'em!

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Ever since I was a kid, I used to see people doing this and would hear rumblings that it was illegal to do so, but is it?

Massachusetts does not technically forbid headlight flashing, but law enforcement is allowed to ask a motorist if they were flashing their lights to warn oncoming motorists of police presence and if they deny this, the officer can ask if the vehicle’s lights are defective, which is illegal. -danielrrosen.com

So, no, it's not illegal; however, you know what is? Failure to dim.

The Code of Massachusetts Regulations, Chapter 540, Section 22, "Failure to Dim," says you must flick off your high beams when you're within 500 feet of a car approaching in the opposite direction -- a considerable distance.

And what's up with the headlights, these days? Are they just super bright to me? Especially at night, it feels like EVERYBODY has their headlights on...I know the height of vehicles these days aren't like they were back in the day, but jeesh.

It is also illegal to do this in Massachusetts, however...

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