The subject of the written driver's test came up recently in our on-air conversation. I believe it was Monday's trivia question. Apparently, only about 38% of people over 40 years old could pass another written driver's exam or something like that. Anyway...

Sebastian Gorczowski
Sebastian Gorczowski

I distinctly remember my father telling me as a teenager never to drive with both (two) feet. Now, I know what you're thinking. This applies to a vehicle with automatic transmission, right? Yes, of course, although, it would be a real talent to successfully operate a vehicle with a manual transmission with one foot!

I remember driving my first stick shift car, smoking a cigarette, and drinking a coffee at the same time in high school! That was an unnecessary anecdote.

However, driving a vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission with both feet at the same time is just a bad idea, way too much room for error.


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Similar to driving barefoot, it’s not illegal, but it is still

Unless you actually told an officer that you were driving with both feet and that that somehow caused an accident, he or she probably wouldn't know anyway.

But...the safest way to operate the gas and brake pedal would be to swivel on your heel between the two pedals. Often times people can get confused driving with both feet and can inadvertently hit the gas or brake when the intention is to depress the opposite and then trouble happens! it is not illegal.

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