It is tempting isn't it? When a person is following too closely it can anger one to the point of real road rage. I'm a tailgater and I feel this way haha.

There is probably two reasons why people tailgate others...

1. The person in front of you is legit traveling WAY too slow and you wanna prove a point.

2. You're just a jerk.

Men arguing with each other from their vehicles while driving

So, What Shall One Do When Being Tailgated?

The immediate temptation is to slam on your brakes, right? Brake checking, so to speak...

The fallout from something like this though could be disastrous. The chain reaction that something like that could cause is scary.

But, Is It Illegal In Massachusetts?

Brake checking, in and of itself, isn’t illegal in Massachusetts. However, brake checking is considered reckless driving, which is illegal in Massachusetts, according to General Laws, Chapter 90, Section 24.

What's The Best Way To Handle A Tailgater?

-Keep calm and carry on. The first thing you should do is remind yourself to stay calm. Not the easiest thing to do, but it’s the safest thing. Take a deep breath, drive at a comfortable speed for yourself, and don’t speed up.

-Switch lanes. When it’s safe, switching lanes will usually get the tailgater off you.  Pulling into a parking lot, or, if it’s safe, pulling to the side of the road are also good options.

-Avoid confrontation. By angering the tailgater, you’re potentially putting even more drivers at risk by making the tailgater angrier and even more aggressive.

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