It's back to school time again and social media is buzzing with photos of proud parents asking "where did the time go" while posting pics of their kids.

Standing at just 5 feet 9 inches, I don't know if it's a bout of jealousy, but these teenagers are lookin' TALL.

Not that taller is better, but what is going on here? Have you seen this picture of Jake Salvie?



The average standard door height is around 80 inches, and he is not far from it.

We know dad, Berkshire Mazda man Jim Salvie is tall as well but was he at Jake's age? I don't know...I didn't ask lol.

What about Kim Bassett's son? Huge right?


Or my cousin Beth's two kids, Tim on the right is only a sophomore.


Is it genetics? Food? Experts say both can weigh in as factors; however, in actuality, teens aren't getting that much taller, like, at all.

But, doesn't it SEEM that way? Yes? No?

Here's Barron Trump in 2019, already taller than his mother, Melania, who stands at 5'11".

Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson

A University of Adelaide PhD student has uncovered some startling research results - today's teenagers are one to two centimeters taller on average than children of the same age a little over a decade ago.



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