An uncharacteristically stern interaction between K-pop idols Jackson Wang of GOT7 and Ten of NCT is going viral online after the former seemingly scolded the latter for talking during an event.

"Having the king of yapperville [Wang] telling you to be quiet and pay attention is the craziest thing ever," a fan joked on Twitter/X of the cute interaction.

In the video, Ten is seen chatting and laughing with someone out of frame when Wang reaches over and taps his arm.

When Ten turns to him, Wang motions forward, seemingly gesturing for the younger star to pay attention to the stage, and Ten nods and quickly switches to a serious expression.

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Another tweet joked that Ten got scolded "for being a chatterbox."

"He definitely not getting invited to the Jackson Wang party after that," another fan joked in a tweet, referring to Wang's reputation for throwing the best parties for fans and friends alike, which transcends real life and the imaginary in fan fiction stories about the star.

However, another fan shared a different angle of the interaction.

"Someone filmed the whole thing and turns out Jackson nudged him to listen to the [awards] results and discuss it together," the fan tweeted with a laughing emoji.

After the results of the award were shared, Wang turned to Ten and appeared to ask a question as the two discussed.

Many fans found the interaction especially amusing because of Wang's outgoing personality and reputation for being a "chatterbox" himself.

IRL, the two K-pop idols are friends and both star on the Thai survival show CHUANG ASIA Thailand, per Koreaboo.

Wang serves as a producer and lead mentor on the show, while Ten appears as a mentor and co-judge.

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