A man on Reddit was slammed after he revealed he asked his girlfriend to give up her beloved pet cats to a shelter in order to move in with him.

The man, who "recently got a high-paying job," is buying a house with his brother. Both men "hate cats," which they believe are "messy, destructive and annoying."

"When I talked to my brother about my [girlfriend] living with us he didn't want her to live with us at first, but I told him we were a package deal so he eventually relented. However the deal is she can't have her cats," he wrote via Reddit.

When he told his girlfriend, she declared she "would rather be homeless" than abandon her pets.

"I keep telling her she's being unreasonable and to just give them to a shelter. I have also tried to be accommodating to her by telling her she can keep the cats in her room (she agrees to this), but she still needs to convince my brother to change his mind and let her keep the cats just in her room," the man continued.

When the man brought the subject up with his brother again, his brother "kept repeating how he doesn't like cats" and insisted he doesn't want them in the house.

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"Now she wants to give up after one conversation with him and I keep trying to tell her to continue asking him because maybe he'll change his mind. She's also called me an a--hole for even asking her to give up the cats in the first place," the man shared, adding that his girlfriend was "recently diagnosed" with an autoimmune condition and he has to "take care of the cats on the days she's not able to get out of bed."

In the comments section, Reddit users sided with the man's girlfriend and slammed him for suggesting she abandon her pets.

"You're forcing her to choose between you or her pets. You can't just re-home a cat. They get attached to their owner. Most shelters have to euthanize adult cats because too many are abandoned there. Adopting a pet is for life, not just until it gets hard. You don't accept all aspects of your girlfriend's life. You want to pick the parts of her you like and have those move in. You're heartless and rude and if I was her I would choose the cats," one person wrote.

"Either accept the cats or don’t, and she’ll either accept you or she won’t. But it sounds like you love your brother and yourself more than her so maybe it’s a bad match to begin with," another commented.

"You're trying to use her medical condition against her. If anything its a great reason for her to keep them. Chronic illness takes a hell of a toll on your mental health and just having your loving pet there to support you can make all the difference. Also whenever you date someone with pets there a package deal you can’t have one and not the other," someone else shared.

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