Every Massachusetts resident knows we have some weird town names. Mostly because no matter how similarly they may be spelled, they are often pronounced completely different.

From knowing whether it's said "ham" or "um" to saying letters that don't ever actually appear in the word, Massachusetts city and town names are tricky. So much so that there are many running jokes about it all over TikTok.

From the Boston TikTok that questioned the state's use of the word "ham" to the Golden State Warriors struggling through Massachusetts town names ahead of the NBA Finals trip to Boston last spring, there is no shortage of fun with the state's pronunciation problems.

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Now another delightful TikToker is having some serious fun with town names across the state and around New England as well.

Jeremy Honing (@jeremyhoning on TikTok) seems to have dedicated his entire profile to Massachusetts town names. He has videos teaching folks about towns they may have never heard of, sharing thoughts on how some of the local town names were created and naming some of his favorite places across New England.

But a recent song this TikToker created cracked me up. He manages to rhyme cities and towns across the state while also pointing out how oddly they are said and even spelled.

It's like he captured all the Massachusetts crazy in one short track and it's delightful. We only wish he had figured out how to rhyme Mattapoisett.

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