It was a busy couple of days for the Bennington police department.

Police Department arrested Maurice Edwards of Springfield, MA, and Jacquelyn Valdez of Northhampton, MAare both looking at multiple charges including kidnapping, unlawful trespass-occupied dwelling, trafficking of fentanyl, and possession of cocaine.

Bennington Police received a report late Monday afternoon that a 30-year-old Bennington woman had been kidnapped from Bennington and taken against her will to Springfield, Ma.

This investigation by Bennington Police continued in the early morning hours of Tuesday the 13th.

Investigators found out that the woman was taken and would only be returned for payment of an outstanding drug debt that was owed by another person.

That debt was in the amount of $1,500.00 and the persons holding the female victim would return her to Bennington if the debt was paid.

Courtesy of Bennington Pollice Dept.
Courtesy of Bennington Pollice Dept.

Police were in contact with cooperating individuals in Massachusetts and it was agreed to have the female returned to Bennington.

At 1 a.m.Tuesday morning, Bennington Police located the vehicle with the female victim inside of it in front of 258 Benmont Avenue.

Two suspects, Edward and Valdez, were able to exit the vehicle and quickly ran into an apartment at 258 Benmont Avenue.

At that time Officers were able to make sure the female victim was safe. The two other occupants were identified as Uber car service attendants.

Police located Edwards and Valdez inside an apartment they didn’t have permission to be in. They were taken into custody without incident. The female victim wasn’t injured.

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