You've got to experience this thing in real life, the pictures don't do it justice as they say.

165-Ton Balancing Rock In Massachusetts Is A Must See

When I relocated to the western part of Massachusetts, Balance Rock Park in Pittsfield and Lanesborough was on the list of the must visits of Berkshire County. This weird wonder is located inside of the beautiful wilderness that is the Pittsfield State Forest.

Balance Rock Park in Lanesborough, MA

I was a total daredevil in 2016 when I stood under Balance Rock. The graffiti ruins the natural beauty, but kids will be kids, I suppose.

This park is named after a true natural oddity — a 165-ton boulder that appears to be precariously balanced on top of a slab of bedrock. This massive stone is 30 feet long, 15 feet wide, and looks as if the slightest breeze might knock it from its perch. However, appearances can be deceiving.

If you're visiting western Massachusetts, Balance Rock park is not only a great spot to hike, hunt, enjoy wildlife viewing, snowshoe, ride snowmobiles, or any ATV, but this 165-ton balancing rock is sure to wow the kids.

What would make a rock balance like this?

Retreating glaciers, erosion, and maybe an illusion.

This state park features a massive glacial erratic—a 165-ton marble boulder deposited by a retreating glacier from the last Ice Age. Weathering forces have worn the elements away from below leaving it seemingly in a balancing act.

Take the Massachusetts Turnpike to Rte. 7 take a left on Bull Hill Rd. in Lanesborough then on to Balance Rock Rd, you can't miss it!

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