Slater and I love to argue, and society loves to make comparisons.

A quarterback starts to play well, is he as good as Tom Brady? A new singing completion hits the small screen, is it as good as American Idol? This brings me to our most recent comparison, which of course turned into an argument. BRUNO Versus JUSTIN.

Bruno Mars has without a doubt made his mark on the world of pop music, but is he as good as Justin Timberlake?

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I don't think it's really up for debate that Justin is the measure for solo male pop stars these days. In fact, I would even go as far to say we haven't seen a talent like his since Michael Jackson. The lists of chart topping singles, movies, TV appearances, sold out world tours, his undeniable stage presence, and just general likability is unparalleled. Not to mention he's not bad on the eyes.

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But then here comes Bruno Mars. His infectious pop hits have taken the airwaves by storm, and third release, "24K Magic", earlier this year has cemented his place in pop music and culture. I'll admit it, he's good, he's better than good, he's fantastic. His "Big Game" Half Time show performance, was amazing; the best I've seen in my lifetime. Yes - even better then previous group appearances from Mr. Timberlake, but that's about all he's got on JT.

Justin has proved he has staying power, he can write, act, produce (including an entire motion picture soundtrack for Trolls), and dance his buns off. Justin is funnier (on and off screen) wayyyy better looking, a style icon even. Tell me when you see JT and Jimmy Fallon hanging out together that you wouldn't die to join that party. You just want to be friends with him. Men want to be him, Women want to be with him.

No one is saying that about Bruno, hate to break it to you. Can he sing and dance like a savage? Sure. Does he put on one hell of a live show? Sure. But that's about it. So, are you Team Justin Timberlake or Team Bruno Mars? Let us know what you think?

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