I love spam calls, you love spam calls, we all love spam calls. Not. Kate sounds really legit though, right? I even questioned whether or not I actually applied for funding!

Kate from Direct Funding

I have received multiple calls from "Kate from Direct Funding" from multiple area codes including "Unknown" and/or "Blocked". The last call came in from (617) 665-8614 as as listed as Cambridge, MA.

Unpopular 'Kate' Blasts Massachusetts With Repeated Voicemails

Oleksii Spesyvtsev
Oleksii Spesyvtsev

What Does The Voicemail Say?

You're not the only one who gets these annoying voicemails.

"Hey it's Kate with direct funding I was giving you a call him to update you on the business funding actually I'm hoping to catch you so I can send you an email with the details um this is a actually my cell phone number um so if you can when you get this message can you shoot me a text what the best email address for you so I can send that over um you can also give me a call at this number if you have any questions I just am tend to respond a little faster via text thanks and I will talk soon bye-bye..."

I cannot find any language online lists "Direct Funding" as a legit thing, although "Direct Funding Now" pops up.

Text message SMS scam or phishing concept. Man hands using smart phone

What you can do to prevent spam or scam calling...

Massachusetts Do Not Call List

  • The Massachusetts Do Not Call list is maintained by First Data. To add or remove your number to the list, you must contact First Data, not the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation.
  • You can register any home and cell phone numbers and each number only needs to be registered once (not every person in the household needs to register).
  • Once you have registered, your phone number will be included on future lists unless you request to have it removed. If you want your phone number to be taken off the list, you must print and mail a delete request form to First Data in Omaha, Nebraska or call their office, 866-339-1475. You should remove your number if you move and change your number.
  • Business phone numbers are not covered by this law.

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