The Kraft family recently invited 76 vaccinated health care workers from Massachusetts to attend the Super Bowl for their roles in helping to mitigate COVID-19 this past year.

Kate Heath and Dionne Hamilton were on Slater and Marjo in the Morning on Tuesday to recount their experience.

Heath, who is an Eagles fan, says she can't help but love the Patriots and the Kraft family for going "above and beyond" noting every detail of the trip being "perfectly planned".

Feeling safe already due to being vaccinated, Heath said she felt social distancing measures at the stadium were taken seriously and were handled properly.

As far as musical entertainment, Heath said she preferred the Miley Cyrus pre tailgate show to The Weeknd's halftime show.

I honestly didn't go into that thinking I would enjoy it, and I loved it. I'll just say I enjoyed Miley more than The Weeknd. It was surpisingly awesome.  -Kate Heath

Heath who previously didn't know Hamilton said they had separate hotel rooms but "hung out all day and supported each other, it was her (Hamilton) first plane ride, so it was kind of exciting".

Heath concluded by saying that "it was an honor to go".

Dionne Hamilton was next to recap her trip, starting with the fact that this was her first time on a plane!

Hamilton was given anti-anxiety meds before the trip but she forget them.

I forget it and you know what I didn't even need it, the only part I had a hard time with was the landing. -Dionne Hamilton

As far as the takeoff, Hamilton said, "I did fine with that, I didn't even realize we were in the air, I was like, when's it gonna happen".

In terms of the actual game itself, Hamilton says she was so caught up in the excitement of it that she didn't realize the streaker, who was later caught and arrested, was not intentionally part of the game!

Returning from sunny Florida to icy Boston was kind of bummer said Hamilton, but overall the trip was "an amazing experience".

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