The people have spoken. Well, at least the student body has spoken.

Two weeks ago, students at Lenox Memorial Middle and High School voted on the fate of the schools long time nickname and mascot, The Millionaires, which dates back to the 1930s. Most long time residents and local history buffs have long fought for the significance of the name, but school officials wanted to let the new era of students weigh on the sometimes controversial name.

Yesterday, the student council announced to the school community that the name would stay, after the majority of the student body checked the box which read 'I would like to keep the Millionaire Nickname/Mascot for LMMHS'. 213 students, or 51 percent voted that way, while 134 or 32 percent, checked the box that said they would like to change it. 74 students, or 17 percent said they do not feel strongly one way or the other about the name.

Schools Superintendent Timothy Lee spoke with The Berkshire Eagle on the vote.

This puts the issue to rest.  The School Committee had decided that if we don't have a compelling majority of students wanting to consider a change, the issue should die, and that looks like what has happened....

.... in recent years, there was always the potential that it could get divisive, especially through social media. It could have become nasty, and the discussion could have fallen apart...

....The students were always respectful of others' opinions. I've heard of no conflict among students about their opinions. I'm proud they were able to listen to each other's perspectives and to discuss the issue respectfully.


This story made local and national news, covered by not only The Boston Globe, but    Yahoo News as well.

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