Massachusetts has its fair share of crazy laws. Antiquated rules surrounding facial hair, sleeping nude, and even how you're allowed to sing the national anthem are still on the books in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts is also known to have some of the strictest laws in the country when it comes to things like alcohol, both consuming and selling, as well as the rules of the road. But many of the laws in Massachusetts, as overbearing as they might seem sometimes, are in place to help protect people and the environment. And sometimes, they'll even save you some money.

Common Household Lightbulbs Are Now Illegal in Massachusetts

In August of last year, the ban on incandescent lightbulbs went into effect in Massachusetts. The federal ban effectively ended the sale of most incandescent lightbulbs with limited exceptions including nightlights and halogens used in shop lights.

According to Western New England University Professor John Baick tells Western Massachusetts News that this has been a long time coming:

This is something that was actually passed back in 2007 under the administration of George W. Bush. It’s clearly designed decrease energy usage, to increase efficiency,” Baick said. “It took a long time to go into effect because this was actually blocked and then overturned by the Trump administration and one of the things that the Biden administration did is reinstate these laws, but it took a couple of years to put them back in place.


There is no need to replace the current bulbs in your home, but once they burn out, or you run out of backups, you'll only be able to purchase LEDS to replace them.


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