The Massachusetts State Lottery is celebrating its 50th anniversary in style. The first ever $50 scratch off ticket is now being sold in the Bay State. And the ticket comes with the chances of winning up to $1 billion in prizes.

For the state where more money is spent on lottery tickets than in any other, the wait is now over for the first $50 scratch off ticket has begun selling. Tuesday, February 7th, Massachusetts State Lottery launched the sale of the new Billion Dollar Extravaganza.

The Massachusetts State Lottery Commission says it's the largest prize in the state's history. Deborah B. Goldberg, the State Treasurer and Chair of
the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission, said in a statement:

As the Lottery’s 50th anniversary celebration approaches the end, what better time to introduce the $50 ticket to begin our next 50 years!...Our customers had been requesting this ticket for some time. After careful consideration, the Lottery has what we believe will provide them with the entirely new level of excitement they have been seeking.

Predicted sales for the new scratch off ticket are estimated at approximately $1.5 billion. That will come from 30.2 million tickets printed. In the commission's announcement of the new ticket, they stated the prize amounts from largest to smallest are three $25 million prizes, five $2 million prizes, and 15 $1 million prizes.

The Billion Dollar Extravaganza also contains several chances at multipliers to increase your money won, along with bonus dollar spots to scratch off. The chances of winning anything on any given ticket is only 1 in 4.1. The $50 scratch off eclipses the previously highest priced scratch off ticket, which was $30.

We all know that Massachusetts definitely loves their lottery tickets. So, good luck to everyone!

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