The state saw a jump in new cases of coronavirus on Tuesday, as 438 confirmed cases and 108 new probable cases were reported by the state Department of Public Health, along with nine confirmed deaths from the virus statewide.

That’s an increase from 165 confirmed cases reported on Monday, bringing the total of confirmed cases of the virus in Massachusetts to 111,033.

The total of COVID-19 cases classified as probable by the state is now 8,170.

To date, 8,436 people with confirmed cases of the virus have died in Massachusetts, in addition to 221 deaths resulting from people with probable cases.

The number of people being tested in the state is also on the rise. As of Tuesday, 15,316 people had received molecular tests--up from 12,278 new tests administered the day before--bringing the total number of molecular tests administered in the state to 1,234,106.

Also, 783 new people in the Commonwealth received an antibody tests, increasing the number of people in Mass. who have taken that type of test to 98,298.

There are 354 people currently hospitalized in Massachusetts with COVID-19.

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