Why feature a "gnome" on our featured photo? As Dr. Bellows used to say in "I Dream Of Jeannie: I'm waiting for an explanation! And I am ready to present it with cold, hard fact!

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(Photo of Hayden Rorke courtesy of pinterest.com I Dream Of Jeannie photo and gallery page)

Last year, one of my radio pals and esteemed K-LITE colleagues from my days in Albany, Lisa Walker decided to take me out for a GREAT breakfast in neighboring Columbia county located west of route 41 on route 295 in East Chatham, New York.

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(Outdoor sign photo credit courtesy of Sean McGregor)

Upon arrival, we saw there were plenty of "gnomes" staring at us which made the visit so charming and personal in nature.

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Ladies and gentlemen, I recommend a trip to the Gnome Bistro. News 10's Cassie Hudson (pictured here with The Ry Guy and yours truly) was "Off The Beaten Path" to inform her viewers this place is must stop as she voted this restaurant as the # 1 GO-TO place for the finest breakfast, lunch or dinner experience and yes, the gnomes are keeping watch at ALL times.

Rattankun Thongbun
Rattankun Thongbun

They are open Wednesday at 12 noon for lunch or dinner ONLY and breakfast is served on Thursday and Friday at 9am and they open an hour earlier on weekends. The eatery is CLOSED on Mondays and Tuesdays. They have a unique assortment of breakfast choices (highly recommended) plus a variety of lunch options and creative dinners you can create. To see for yourself, head to their web site by going here.


(Gnome photo credit courtesy of Marion Mahoney)

After you dine in style, stop by their gift shop and who knows: you might take a gnome with you as the figurine will highlight your mantlepiece. You can browse all of the items available by going on this web site.

BOTTOM LINE: Come on over and make some new friends while dining in style!

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