Halloween is just over one month away and there is no doubt some folks take a dare and encounter some areas with "paranormal activity". Some Massachusetts residents are brave enough to accept this challenge, not knowing what the outcome will bring. Keep in mind, they are hearty souls that are just plain curious if ghosts and spirits are lurking at their impending destinations.

We invite you to take a look at this video clip (courtesy of YouTube) that features the Top 5 locations in The Bay State where those who dare will take this journey to the unknown. Are you ready? If so, let the spooky highlights commence as you plan your trip accordingly in more ways than one. Spine-tingling if you ask me!

As you noticed, three locations are east of us, however, the beautiful Berkshires scored with a pair of locations in "lovely" Lenox and the town of Florida. The question surfaces as to why some people exercise their spare time to chase ghosts, spirits, and apparitions. Could it be the thrill, the excitement, and the suspense that goes together in this type of adventure? It's not only on October 31st as these escapades are rampant year-round.

I have one more thing to say regarding those thrill seekers: Keep forging ahead. Grab your flashlight in hand, keep your maps handy so you don't get lost in "The Twilight Zone" and don't forget to look over your shoulder as you'll NEVER know who is making their presence. They could be following you when least expected!

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