It's the Wild Wild West out there! Well, not exactly, but a State Trooper did have to do best John Wayne impersonation this week when responding to a somewhat unusual call.

State Trooper John Blanchard and State Trooper Cody Titus station at the Lee barracks of the Massachusetts State Police, were called to the bucolic town of Richmond for a report of a loose horse near Osceola Rd.  

The report was that the loose horse was wandering around and heading towards the heavily traveled area of Swamp Rd and residents were concerned for the horse's safety. 

Once the troopers located the animal, Trooper Titus sprang into action moving closer to the animal, using skills he learned from his lifelong love and dream of being a rodeo cowboy, he was able to use a makeshift lasso from his cruiser and successfully take custody of the horse.  

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Trooper Blanchard used his cruiser to block the horse's possible path of escape toward Swamp Rd. The horse was reluctant to follow Trooper Titus until he started to share his lunch of healthy treats which included carrots and apples packed by his wonderful wife Kara

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