The highly contested Berkshire County District Attorney's race has received quite a bit of attention, from accusations of collusion and job chasing, to the now infamous "wifegate".  However, one of the most important factors in the election, voting day itself, could be lost in the shuffle.

Why is the September 4 Primary important?

The state election, essentially the deciding vote, is November 6, however, the state primary election is September 4. Why is that important? The three candidates who took out papers to run for Berkshire County's top prosecutor, incumbent Paul Caccaviello, Andrea Harrington and Judith Knight, are all democratic candidates.  The fact that there is no official Republican candidate essentially means that the winner of the Democratic Primary, will be the new D.A., unless there is a successful write-in Republican candidate.

Can I vote September 4?

 As in any Primary Election, voters are permitted to vote in the party they are enrolled in. If you're registered as a Democrat, you can vote to pick the Democratic candidate who will appear on a state ballot. Registered as a Republican?  You can pick the Republican candidate, and if you're registered as unenrolled,  you can pick which primary you chose to vote in. So this means if you are registered as a Republican, you will not be able to vote for one of the three officially registered Democrats. You will still be able to vote on November 6, but the race will likely be decided by then. Remember, if you're not registered to vote at all, you get no say in one of the most important elections for the County in recent memory.

How do I make sure I can vote September 4? 

TOMORROW, August 15, is the LAST DAY you can either register to vote, or change your party affiliation. If you're registered as a Republican and want to vote for one of the three Democratic candidates September 4, you need to change your registration to Democrat or unenrolled before tomorrow's deadline. Changing your party will not effect your ability to vote for whoever you want on November 6, and you can change your party affiliation back as well.

For more information on voter registration deadlines, to change your party, or to register to vote, click here.  You can also seek voter information at your local town or city hall, but TOMORROW, August 15 is the deadline to make sure you can vote on Tuesday, September 4.


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